Outline and Short Story - The Krazy Kitty Strikes Again

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Outline for The Krazy Kitty Strikes Again

I. Introduction

A. Description of Diamond

B. Cristal and Diamond's history together.

II. Body

A. Before the Crash - Dialogue

B. During the Crash

C. After the Crash - Dialogue

III. Conclusion

A. What caused Diamond to crash through a glass window?

B. Where Diamond is today.

The Krazy Kitty Strikes Again

There are plenty of stories that are dangerous and mysterious, but mine is superior to them all. It begins at Cristal's apartment in Richmond, Virginia. One fateful day, she decided to go down to the pet store to look around. Cristal saw a kitten playing with a ball of yarn, and decided she had to have this beautiful creature. A few hours later the cat was named Diamond, for her queen-like personality. Cristal loved Diamond so much; she bought her all the toys in the land and fed her premium cat food, as well as the occasional steak or chicken.

Diamond had the perfect life. Somehow, she didn't reciprocate the love Cristal felt for her. She became hostile and aggressive. She didn't seem to like Cristal at all: even after everything she had done for her, giving her the life any cat or kitten could only dream of.

Diamond had become a bad apple: hissing and clawing at anyone who tried to play with her and behaving in a manner that society did not approve of. The once sweet playful kitten had turned her back on the world. She had escaped many times, only to come back a few days later dirty, and thinning.

Well, Cristal had gotten a new job in a different city, and her boyfriend, David, was helping her pack her belongings. They were taking down the paintings in the living room when they...