Overcoming Weakness as a Leader

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Good afternoon everyone, I hope you all had a great lunch. I'm really excited to be here today to talk to you about Overcoming Weakness as a Leader by Developing Leadership Integrity.

Let's start off by asking ourselves a few simple questions.

1. Do your peers or subordinates look at your leadership abilities as one who leads by example, establishing trust and self-respect? Is trust placed in your leader's words and deeds? Does leadership portray the intellectual achievements of integrity? Interesting questions here! These questions pose an important issue in the Armed Forces; integrity. Understanding and developing integrity will make you a better person and an effective leader. Today, I will inform you so you will understand the importance of overcoming weakness as a leader by developing leadership integrity. First, I will discuss the importance of developing leadership integrity, which includes, building trust and self-respect. Next, I will discuss the benefits of developing leadership integrity, which include, code of honor and hard-won achievement.

Because military standards are crumbling in a world that has taken to hot pursuit of personal pleasure and shortcuts to success, we need a road map to understand leadership integrity.

2. To understand the importance of developing leadership integrity, we must place value on

leadership traits that inspire building trust and developing self-respect. Trust and self-respect bind and foster a spirit of commitment within us. Building trust starts with developing self-confidence. {Read Quote} For example, our flight chief lacks self-confidence. He does nothing to correct this behavior, and as a result his people do not support or follow him. Building trust is important, but developing self-respect builds character. Self-respect is an important moral trait that should reflect oneself as a professional and a human being. A leader possessing self-respect will not behave in a manner...