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During the Roman civilization, we learn about many people that are not only interesting, but are essential to the history. They each contribute their own characteristics to the drama of ancient Rome. One person that fascinated me is Ovid, a great Roman poet. Not only would I like to meet this great poet, I would also like to have been in one of the audiences that he stood before when presenting his poetry.

Ovid was born March 20th, 43 B.C., in Sulmo, Italy, as Publius Ovidius Naso. Ovid his father wanted him to become a lawyer and sent him to Athens to obtain a legal degree and study rhetoric, but Ovid's passion for poetry led him down a different path. He became one of the greatest Roman poets of his time. The two greatest works of Ovid are his Metamorphoses and his Fasti. Although many people considered his books to not be serious enough for adults, his stories reflects the attitude and culture of his time.

He frequently captured the spirit of Greek and Roman mythology. He also often portrayed his life through his work.

Ovid caught my interest because of his rebellion to his father's wishes and the devotion that he put into his works. Before he was 20 he was already reading his poetry to audiences and by the age of thirty he was one of the most well known, successful poets of Greek history. Much of Ovid's life is laid out through his works which can be divided into three divisions (the works of his youth, his middle ages, and his years in exile).

Ovid's love life is also interesting. He married at a young age, but divorced the woman his father chose for him shortly after. He remarried three more times. This I find...