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Pageants are a "queen for the day", extra-curricular activity. It is something my mother and I have done together on the weekends, it is a way for us to have mother-daughter bonding time. They have taught me how to carry myself with grace and poise. They have helped me with my public speaking skills and eye contact. Through these pageants I have received thousands of dollars in cash, scholarships, and savings bonds. And while this is all very good and beneficial toward my future, it is only a one-day activity. After you are crowned you are not obligated to do anything to represent your title. How is doing a pageant on a Sunday any different from attending a soccer game? Soccer moms are just as bad!Being a queen is a chance to be an ambassador for my community and represent it to my best ability. It means a lot to me to know that my city is represented well.

If I cannot fulfill that commitment, I would rather have someone else who could wear the crown. In my heart I know I could do it, it would be such an honor.

Maybe now, you have a better understand of what beauty pageants really are.