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Behavioral Therapy

Behavior is the way in which a person, organism, or group responds to a certain set of conditions. "The initial task of a behavior therapist is to identify an understand the client's presenting problem(s)" (pg. 215 Corsini & Wedding) After identifying the clients problem(s) the therapist then proceeds to find the variables that maybe responsible for the problem(s). In class on Wednesday the group talked about a lot of things but a majority of the presentation was on reinforcement. They also talked about unconditioned and conditioned responses which play a big role in behavior.

For instance the example the group used was how when a girlfriend wore a certain kind of perfume the boy friend made the connection to feeling warm and fuzzy. So there for any time he smelled the perfume no matter where he was he would feel warm and fuzzy. Behavior therapy helps people change certain behaviors that they do not want.

There are different types and techniques of Behavior therapy, such as Imagery Based, Cognitive restructuring, assertiveness and social skills training, self control procedures, real life performance, length of treatment, and Manual based. These types of techniques are used to treat many different problems. Some of the problems that these technique are used to treat are, Depression, interpersonal, marital, Chronic mental patients, Childhood disorders, eating and weight disorders, anxiety, panic, Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and sexual disorder.

During the presentation the group spent most of the time and both of their exercises on reinforcement. This is a big part of Behavioral therapy. In class during an after the presentation we talked about two types of reinforcements/or conditioning. Classical and Operant conditioning, Pavlov and his work with dogs and their digestive process, is an example of Classical conditioning below is the diagram of Pavlov's...