This paper explains how some people might react to losing a loved one.

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Nobody thinks of losing a loved one at a young age, nor is anyone prepared emotionally, even if the person is dying in the hospital, you may be ready mentally but not emotionally, but then there are people who don't know anything is wrong and it all comes as one big shock, then in that case you are neither mentally or emotionally ready for that situation. In any case, it is best if you had someone there to talk to and be with, a in my case, I was lucky to have my friend Mary to help me through my sorrow.

I was happy growing up. My mother and I were very close, we did everything together, and then came that cool day on March 31, 1985, when I felt my life had collapsed. I was 15 when my mother passed way in her sleep at home. I will never forget that day, it was Palm Sunday and we were supposed to visit my Aunt for the holiday.

I was spooked awake by a dream and I tried to wake my mother. That was the longest day of my life, the police officer came and took information, then the ambulance came, the EMT's too information too. And they were getting ready to put her into a body bag.

I got so mad and angry, I asked them to try to help her, and they refused. I asked why? (I was 15, but I though her back was warm, and I didn't know much) his reply was "She would be a vegetable and you wouldn't want her that way". I got so mad, my face turned red with rage, and I kicked him with all my might. And then I laughed when he fell in excruciating pain.

The officer then took...