Parallel And Perpendicular Lines In Real Life

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Parallel and perpendicular lines play an important role in our lives. As portrayed in my collage, this is evident in the field of engineering and architecture. Parallelism and perpendicularity is applied in order to construct a building, which has a uniform structure and a strong foundation. It has to be perpendicular to the ground and its floors parallel to each other. Without this, the building will not be able to stand. Engineers would apply the principle of parallelism and perpendicularity and with the aid of modern measuring equipments, they will be able to calculate the dimensions of the building. This is the stepping tone of the engineer towards the successful construction of the building. Parallelism and perpendicularity are also used in the field of medicine. It could be used to locate organs and nerves that will be necessary for major operations. Contemporary artists also tend to use parallel or perpendicular lines in their creations.

According to some artists, these are likely to give off a more imaginative approach to their artwork. Perpendicularity and parallelism is also used in making new innovations or gadgets. This defines the form of the gadget and gives an edge to the product.

In a nutshell, parallel and perpendicular lines are essential to everyday life. Without them, no structure would stand erect and art will be an endless monotony. Parallel and perpendicular lines are also present in our emotions; one's thoughts could either meet or never cross another person's. It could be visual but also felt at the same time.