What A Parent Goes Through.

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Have you ever seen a parent walking around with there kids half asleep, or even

angry? I am guessing most of you said, yes. That is because being a parent is the toughest

and most rewarding job a person can have. You get to experience so many ups and downs

with your children. Some days more ups then downs and vice versa. A parents life is filled

with long nights, hard days disciplining a child, and a lot of giving and receiving of love.

When you first bring a newborn home, the parent is already exhausted from all the work

it took just to get to that point. After you are home it doesn't get any easier. The feedings

every two hours, burping, diaper changing, and most of all just the fussy baby. This makes

it very hard to get any sleep, and it does start to take its toll on you.

You will find yourself

falling asleep at dinner, while you are feeding the baby, and sometimes even in the middle

of a conversation. Believe me when I tell you it is hard when you become a new parent;

however it is well worth it.

I have a three year old child in my house and it is very tiring and very hard work. I am -

constantly going behind him saying no, or don't touch that. It is hard to discipline a child,

but I have found that repetition is a key to getting it done. When my son acts out or just

wont listen I put him in time out. When this does not work I will take his toys from him. It

might not sound like much, but for a three year old it is his whole world. I hope to raise a

son that will...