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Roxana Boglio

Name of Book: When Kids Drain Your Energy

Type of book: CD


This CD is filled with stories and examples of Jim Fay's techniques to help guide parents when things get heated between the kids and them. The CD is broken down into 8 incredibly well thought out tracks each with specific stories and examples of how to handle distinct situations with our children. It covers topics such as: energy drain "oh, you drained my energy, how will I get that back", consequences versus warnings, how to handle "I don't know", manipulation, neutralizing arguing, love and logic one-liners "I know" or "how sad", give learning opportunities and begging in the store. The wonderful thing about this CD is that although it targets ages 7 -12, the technique can be applied to just about any age group. That is the benefit of it! This CD teaches parents how to get their kids ready for the real world while the price tag is low.

It also teaches parents how to be in control of the situation, how to remain cool and collected, how to parent without yelling, getting angry and without losing control. Love and Logic teaches parents to give children reasonable choices versus threats and how to use thinking words instead of fighting words. This CD teaches parents that it is OK for children to fail because it will give us the opportunity to help them grow into honest, responsible, and successful individuals. So, it is time for parents to listen to this wonderful CD and laugh, learn and turn parenting into fun once again!


My first reaction after listening to this CD was "oh my goodness, how am I going to remember everything!" I started to get overwhelmed with the idea that I have damaged my...