Parenting Style paper for Child Psychology Class - Describing hostile and permissive parenting styles in a fictitious story.

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I am comparing the lives of two twelve-year-old boys, Mike and Ike. They share the same economical levels, environmental influences, and live in the same town, Lemonlimeville. Everything is the same except for the parenting styles used on them. Mike's parents are characterized as indulgent authoritarian, while Ike's parents are hostile permissive. This created two very different adolescent boys.

Mike's parents where very wealthy and spoiled him with materialistic items. For his fifteenth birthday they even bought him a brand new Bentley. If he asked for anything they would always give in and get it for him. This made him become a very good manipulator. He had a high self-confidence, but in his second year of high school he started to abuse drugs and alcohol. At times his parents seemed to ignore his behavior and other times all they cared about was their status at the local country club and how he could make them look bad.

This led to Mike misbehaving and rebelling in school. However, for all this great wealth comes a price to pay when his parents' inconsistent other style of parenting starts to come into play. The authoritarian side of his parents was highly demanding and directive but not responsive. They demanded obedience without explanation. His parents provided a well-ordered and structured environment with clearly stated rules and were very controlling. Unfortunately, his parents' indulgence and letting Mike have whatever he wanted left him feeling confused and unbalanced. Mike did not do well in school throughout his teenage years because of his lack of motivation and his "I don't care" attitude. He did graduate high school, and now just sits at home mooching away his parents' money with no responsibilities and has everything he asks for given to him.

Ike was also wealthy, but his...