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In the world today it is hard to find patriotic people. At least up until the events of September eleventh. Most people thought that being patriotic was just standing up for your country and that is it. That is one patriotic attribute but there are many other things that come along with just liking the country you live in. Many people realized this after the events of September eleventh. The United States have more patriotic people than it has ever had.

To be patriotic you must first support your country and the flag that represents your country. The flag is more than a symbol to someone who is patriotic. Patriotic people base their lives around their flag. To be patriotic is to care for all the citizens around you and help them when they are in need. Also people should try to spread the love for their country all around to everyone else.

A patriotic person does not sit around and wait for a tragedy to start doing something. They are always active and when a tragedy happens they try to find some good in it.

To say who the most patriotic person is would be too hard. The people who are the most patriotic are the men and women that are in the army. They are fighting for all of us citizens and a lot of people don't appreciate it. That is because they don't realize that those people are risking their lives. It is not easy becoming a marine or an army reserve. The people in the marines and army are not fighting to get paid, they are fighting to help their country any way possible. I cant speak for everyone but I am thankful for them.

Those were some characteristics of some one who is...