Pedophiles Should Not Be Delcared Dangerous Offend

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In today?s society, convicted pedophiles should not be declared dangerous offenders and confined for an indefinite length of time. Offenders have already been served their sentence, they have already been rehabilitated, and their reputations have been ruined. Pedophiles in this modern time are extremely harmful to children of this day in age. Behind these minds there must be some logically reason why, these certain people do these sinful and terrible acts. We know these acts are horrific yet we do not know these offenders.

Firstly, pedophiles range from the ages of 13 to 78 years old . In the dictionary, a pedophile is defined as ?an adult who is attracted to a child or children? . They may be mentally unstable or ?sane?, yet they all have one thing in common, child molestation, kiddie porn and other such attractions that are irrational towards children. These pedophiles may commit these crimes, however as their punishment they are sentenced to jail for a period of time during this sentence it gives them time to reflect on the crimes they committed and pursued them not to recommit the crimes in which they have done.

If the pedophile is mentally ill, therefore his or her sentencing is less sever however, treatment is highly recommended. Usually, the offender is imprisoned in a mental institution rather than a prison; there they are to serve time and to receive treatment at the same time. Once serving time is complete, the offender may be released back into society or be put into a rehabilitation centre however it depends on how mentally unstable the offender is.

Sex offenders, including developmentally delayed sex offenders, who are held accountable for their behaviours and received appropriate intervention are less likely to re-commit a sexual offence . After they are released...