The Pentecost.

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The Pentecost was 50 days after the Passover Sabbath and Pentecost celebrated the beginning of the grain harvest in which people brought bread made from grain. As the Jews were thanking and praising God at the beginning of their harvest, Jesus poured out his spirit on the people and enabled them to speak in different tongues, empowering them to begin the harvest of souls.

This event is important for both Jews and Christians alike as it is a fulfillment of an Old Testament prophesy by Jesus and there are four main reasons why the Pentecost is significant for Jew and Christians. First of all, evidence is provided by God that he is the savior and messiah. Second, Jesus' death is a payment for our sins. Thirdly, His resurrection assures us of eternal life. Lastly, his spirit wants to indwell within us, providing us with a personal, life- transforming relationship with God if we choose to follow him

Mathew 28:18 teaches us that Jesus has been entitled full authority over human angelic realms as a result of his death and resurrection which was a price paid for our sins.

This may be bewildering for many and may lead us into questioning God "why is there sickness", "why is there war", "why aren't certain prayers answered?"

We have an adequate answer, but not a complete one; Jesus is to overcome these tribulations when he comes back to earth and reigns as God's anointed King. In the intervening time, he exercises his power chiefly for a different purpose, which is to fulfill his Great Commission (Matt 28:19). He reveals his sovereignty not by fulfilling our positive circumstances and overruling our negative ones, instead he works through all our situations enabling opportunities for us to share his gospel.

This is what can be...