"People living on the fringe, never really able to join the mainstream of society" Compare texts Street car named desire by Tenessee Williams and Of mice and men by John Steinbeck

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While most of humanity is constrained to moral norms, there are those who drift away from these ideals and become outsiders. A streetcar named Desire written by Tennessee Williams and Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck are quite similar but so very different to each other. Not only the way they were both written, but also the picture the reader receives in their mind after reading them. The two texts are both in some relation connected with outsiders in society. They are similar in the message that is given and equally show the effects of not fitting into society.

A Streetcar Named Desire reflects upon the dark aspects of humanity and the result of social downfalls. Stanley Kowalski appears from a disadvantaged rural setting in New Orleans, his speech is coarsely uneducated and his actions demonstrate repeated rudeness. Stella, Blanches sister and also Stanley's wife is a caring and compassionate towards others.

She is someone who can understand two sides of a story, this in the end forced her to accept others actions.

"...Her expression is of shocked disbelief. Her appearance is incongruous to this setting..."

Blanche the protagonist of the novel is a women who is immortal, who has lost her material wealth but also her virtue and moral excellence. She has lost her fortune, but with great courage she still attempts to maintain her dignity and social importance. Blanche Dubois is one who finds it hard to accept reality the way it is.

"I don't want realism

Throughout the text Blanche continuously lies about her situation and her past and often creates illusions to hide from realism.

Stanley did everything he physically and mentally could to ruin Blanches life. But his final effort exerted much physical power upon Blanche. In her state of vulnerability, he raped her,