Perelandra by C.S. Lewis

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In C.S. Lewis' sequel to Out of the Silent Planet, the main character Professor Elwin Ransom goes on yet another interplanetary voyage, this time to the planet Venus (or Perelandra). He is told by the benevolent eldil spirits that he is being sent for a reason, that reason Ransom does not know. Upon his arrival, Ransom finds the planet Venus both wild and holy. It is seemingly covered in nothing but churning seas that reflect the golden radiance of the thick atmosphere. The only obvious "land" is in the form of the thick weed mats that ride the ever undulating Venetian waves. On these large heaving islands there grow forests filled with sweet fruits and soft pastures where graze the tame and gentle beasts of Perelandra.

While exploring these raft-like islands, Ransom discovers a young lady. Ransom and the Lady spend several days together. Ransom learns that she is innocent and ignorant of all evil, and that she has been separated from the only other person on Venus: the King.

After a few days time, Ransom discovers a large column-shaped mountain protruding from the sea. The lady tells him she will take him there, but says that she is forbidden to stay the night there by the omnipotent god Maleldil. Ransom thinks this is strange, but is looking forward to walking on "fixed" land for a change.

After a morning of exploring the island and scouring the seas for the lost king, Ransom witnesses a round spaceship crashing into the seas. Emerging is Dr. Weston, a physics professor and past enemy of Ransom. In the past, Dr. Weston has tried to "imperialize" other planets by hunting the native animals and setting up buildings; this time, Dr. Weston comes right ashore and, without thinking it strange to...