The Perfect Mate

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This is a subject that concerns all of us sine the beginning of the teenagers'. Every girl and boy dreams with his perfect mate with whom he lives in a fancy dreams and imaginations. And live in his single world with him.

Once in the class of English our teacher was giving us a short story called "like Mexicans". The story was about a boy whose grandmother gave him two pieces of advice. First: not to work in a field of agriculture because it is not a stable job and not to work as a barber it is an easy job and the barber keeps listening to the radio all the time. The second piece of advice was to marry a Mexican girl; she told him "you should marry a Mexican girl not an okie". For her, every one who wasn't Mexican, black or Asian was an okie, the French were okies, the Italians in their suits were okies.

She told him that a Mexican girl can cook, take care of the house, take care of his children and help him in his work when he is not well. After the teacher had finished the story he asked us to get a sheet of paper and write a description of the kind of person you would like to marry and to describe this person, his goals, personality as well as his physical appearance and background.

All my class mates kept writing many things, blond, blue eyed and rich. I didn't know what to write the teacher asked me "why aren't you writing?" I told him that I think that all that is nothing because when the hearts beats we all will torn out this list of things even if there is nothing matches.

I know that many of you...