Essay by Bekzh November 2014

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Paper 1: Biographical Essay (Draft version)

Written by: Zhamikeyev Bekzhan

"The cry of my soul"

When the teacher gave us the assignment about ourselves and about our past, I started to think, what I will write about my past. I thought a lot, however nothing special came to my mind. I searched the meaning of life, I searched happy moments, I searched love, passion, joy and hope in my past life. But none of them was remembered by my brain. Then, I asked myself, what I could recall from my past. What kinds of moments does my memory remember? Surprisingly, I fixed in my mind only bad situations in my life. In my years of school, I always thought that our memory is capable of memorizing every moment, but after growing up, I understood, it was not true and now, I have no doubts. Actually, the memory is like a white shirt that you love to wear most.

You are wearing it every day and every other day passes the same as previous one, but one day, you are messing up your lovely white shirt. Starting from this exact moment, you must admit that your shirt will not be perfectly white again; it will not shine like in the first day of purchase. Shirt will always remind you that it was dirty that day. The same model of working uses the memory. It only recalls the moments which affected us most. To be precise, it recalls only the worst moments of our life. After admitting this, I decided to write about the worst two occasions that I will never forget.

First one is about a boy who looks like a panda, big and fat, with acnes in his face and perennially sweating hands. He had no friends, always...