Personal Affiliations Inventory.

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Employment Affiliations

1.Where are you employed?

I am currently employed for Met Life

2.How many employees are on-site?

Approximately 50 employees in the agency.

3.How many employees are in the entire organization?

An exact number would be difficult to assess anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 employees.

6.If you are self-employed, are you linked to larger organizations through franchising or other business relationships?

Currently an employee of Met Life, not self-employed.

7.How do higher levels of organizational structure within your company affect how you do your job?

Depending on the policies implemented determines how I handle my tasks.

Political Affiliations

1.In what community do you live?

Currently reside in the NYC area

2.Are you part of a homeowners' association?

Not yet, hopefully in a year or two.

3.What is the political structure of the community?

Primarily the majority of the population in NYC is registered Democratic.

4.Is the locale a city, town, or unincorporated area?

The locale is a city.

5.In what county or parish is your community located?

My community is located in Queens County.

6.In what state or province is your community located?

My community is located in New York State.

7.Do you participate in the governance of any of these organizations through voting or other political activity?

I vote regularly as well I am part of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Family Affiliations

1.With what sort of immediate family do you live?

I do not live with any immediate family.

2.Do you have a spouse or domestic partner?

No, I do not have a spouse or domestic partner.

3.Do you have children or elders who live with you?

No, I do not have any children or elders living with...