Personal Application of Criminology

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AbstractThe scenario of the paper has the author coming home to find a friend of his or her 16 year old son after he had broken in the door. Additionally, the boy is in the kitchen with some jewelry from the home and a lock-pick sitting on the counter next to him. The boy claims he was looking for a piece of paper to write a note to the author's son, and smells of marijuana. This paper will reveal the many causes of why children commit crimes and how the parents of these children can affect their behavior. Finally, the paper will reveal the decision of author based from those facts.

Personal Application of CriminologySince as early as the 18th Century, there have been many theories as to the possible causes of juvenile crime. Scientific, biological, environmental and economical factors have all been put forward as explanations. Modern theorists however, believe that one single factor is not likely to be the only answer; they favor the "multiple" factors theory.

Multiple factors are a combination of influences that come into play together throughout the childhood of juveniles. The influences that make up the "multiple" factors theory are thought to be combinations of biological, psychological, cultural, economic and political.

FamilyChildren learn from their family. They learn right from wrong from the family around them. Parents and siblings that behave in an unacceptable manner lead to the child believing acting in that manner is appropriate behavior. Research has shown that children who have anti-social or violent parents are more likely to be anti-social or violent themselves (Williams, 2001).

Poor parental supervision often means that they do not know where or what their child is doing. They often find out about a child's involvement in anti-social or criminal behavior via other people. In...