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The reason I have chosen the subject of railroads is because I have always been fascinated with trains and railroads from the time I was born. When I was little I had little electric trains sets that I would play with. Then as I got older my fascination with railroads went into more detail with school reports and personal research. I'm not really interested with the trains and railroads of today, but with the trains and railroads of the Victorian time period. I like the look and style of the steam engines and passenger cars of the Victorian time period. The reason I am so interested in the steam engines is because up at my cabin in Sugar Pine, California there use to be a old logging camp and there is a book all about it and I have liked the photos of the different locomotives that the logging camp used.

So the logging camp is what got me so interested in the steam locomotives.

What I already knew about the railroads and trains was very little. One thing that I knew was that for many years they were building the railroads in the United States and also that many of the workers were Chinese. I also knew that railroads came from somewhere in Europe during the early 1800's. I also knew that the locomotive used during the Victorian period were powered by steam and now we use the diesel-electric locomotive of today. There wasn't much more that I knew so I learned very much from this research paper.

Over all, I wanted to learn of the different types of trains and the different types of locomotives that were used during the Victorian time period. I also wanted to learn how the trains were used and who use them. I...