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A philosophy is any personal belief or a system of beliefs that determine how you live or deal with a situation. My philosophy on life is not very direct or very precise, and it is hard to arrange it properly on paper and hard to recognize if that particular idea may or may not be part of my philosophy. To start off, I believe that every person should develop his or her own philosophy. They should not look for a philosophy to follow, or follow a set of guided rules just because they were born under those rules, they should see the world around them and they should make decisions and create their own philosophy based on what they have experienced. If they do look for other philosophies it should be used merely to compare their own philosophy to help make their philosophy more concrete and to get ideas so that person could develop their philosophy further.

I personally have not been a good follower. I have be forced since I was little to go to my first communion and to believe in Christianity by my parents, and I would go along with what they have told me when I was really young but after a while I came to a revelation that we all (humans) were born the same way, we do not need to be told how to live our lives or how things should be done, because that can?t really be determined, just because things were done that way for many years it doesn?t necessarily mean that it is right, or that it is the way things should be done. That is why I don?t believe much in religious matters. I don?t believe in god, because I have not experienced it, and even though...