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Penalties When I was in the 6th grade my friends use to always hang out on Fridays (and we still do). We use to think we were so cool we loved to go taping, taping is where you take some duct tape and put it sticky side up on the road. Then you hide in the bushes and when a car comes by the wheels pick up the tape. When the wheels go around the tape slaps the ground and it sounds like a flat tire. So the car stops and the person inside the car gets out and at that very moment the person unexpectedly gets nailed with at least ten water balloons. But you have to run like crazy because they usually run after you.

Sometimes when we get sick of throwing water balloons we go down to Einsteins bagels and since they close at 6:00 we get in the dumpster and take all of the bagels up to the same road and throw them at cars.

One time all of our friends were throwing bagels at cars. When a black B.M.W. S.U.V. drove by and as usual we all threw bagels at it. The next thing that you know you heard ten thumps from the ten different bagels that hit it and a very loud screeching noise and the car stopped very fast about 1/2 of a second later six teenagers jumped out of the car. At the exact same time all of us (my friends) started running but we weren't nearly as fast as the teenagers were so they caught in about ten seconds. They threatened to beat us up and killus you know just the usual. And it scared me so much that from that day to this on I still have not gone bagel...