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The perspectives of the major parties, scientific, economic, aesthetic and societal can all work hand in hand together, but each one has a different meaning. The comparing and contrasting of each on ethics, responsibilities and theories will be described.

The perspectives of scientific are relating the practice of science, scientificjournals" conforming to the principles or methods used in science as a scientific approach ( Many activities require a high degree of expertise and training. The establishments in this sector specialize according to expertise and provide these services to clients in a variety of industries and, in some cases households. Along with scientific comes economic, aesthetic and societal. Economic is describes as the system of production and management of material. Economic growth and life relate to the science of economics ( Aesthetic is relating to or dealing with the subject of values or character of beauty and good taste. (wordnet.princeton). Last there is societal, which concerns the responsibilities an engineer has to society due to his or her expertise (

Ethical Positions

Ethics is the science that explains the valuing process. It provides a theory for explaining why conduct is considered good or bad. It attempts to answer the questions "Why is this good?" and "Why is that bad?" Ethical theories are the reasons we give for judging one action good and another action bad. These theories are the ultimate reasons we give in answer to the question "Why ought you to do this?" (Corman, 2005)

Different responsibilities can arise from ethical positions such as moral views are not right or wrong, but simply the way different cultures or individuals feel or think about an act. Cultural circumstances alter the way people think about their environment, thus emphasis of moral or immoral judgment is placed on differing actions in differing cultures.