Persuasive esaay on allowing kids off campus during lunch

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Juniors and seniors should be allowed to go off campus during lunch. By the time someone is a junior they are approximately 16 years old and are responsible for their own actions. Juniors and seniors are responsible, tired of school lunches but meanwhile can drive places to get food, and with the juniors and seniors off campus at lunch the campus would be less crowded.

When a student is a junior or senior they have become responsible for their own actions. When these students go off campus they are gaining a privilege and if they are irresponsible they will have to pay the consequences. Also by the time someone is 16 they have matured and have become more responsible so they can handle the privilege of going off campus and returning to school on time for their next class. If they decide not to return to class after lunch they will get Saturday School Hours and for seniors you cannot have any Saturday School Hours to graduate.

So if the students decide to ditch and gain lots of Saturday School Hours then they are risking not graduating. This then means they will have little or no success after high school. So if the students decide to ditch and take this risk they will be responsible for their decision in the long run. In the end going off campus is a responsibility for any student and by this time they are responsible for their own actions and their actions will decide what they do with their life. So if the student wants to be homeless and unsuccessful then they will decide to ditch and not graduate because of it.

After two years of having the same things to choose from for lunch it gets really old. When...