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20 April 2014

The Hazards and Consequences of Teen Driving

Imagine losing your son or daughter in a car crash resulting from a teen mishandling or misusing their car. The impact this event would have on your life would be colossal and the damage would be permanent. Unfortunately, recent trends have indicated that teen drivers, especially ages sixteen and seventeen are most likely to be involved in a crash than all other ages (O'Donnell). This frightening statistic begs for change to be made in the driving system and the driving age, as safety in drivers must be a priority. The driving age should be increased to eighteen years old because teen brains are not fully developed, eighteen year olds will be more mature, and this would allow young drivers more experience before receiving their license.

One reason the driving age should be increased to eighteen years old is brain development.

Studies have proven that the part of the brain controlling impulsive behavior is not fully developed until a person is in their early twenties (O'Donnell). This implicates that teen drivers are much more likely to make impulsive and poor decisions while driving, because that part of the brain isn't fully developed. The fact that sixteen year olds are able to drive with a partially developed brain is foolish and is proven as they are the age groups associated with the most amounts of deaths. Critics claim that increasing the driving age to eighteen will make a minimal impact because the brain is not fully developed until twenty-five years old. But, by increasing the driving age by two years, it provides the brain with more time to develop and the person to be able to handle their impulsive decisions. A solution to this problem would...