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FREE WILL Is life predetermined, or is it free will (choices)? First of all predetermination against free will has been an issue between people since the beginning of time. In fact this will probably be an issue till the end of time. Predetermination and free will, both, have a lot to do with life, but the majority of life is free will. As you will see, henceforth.

The only way that life is predetermined, I believe, " is in the way of biological life". First of all diseases-diseases are predetermined because it's in the gene. Secondly the physical make up of a person cannot be changed. Such as making Mugsy Bouges, a 5'2" pro basketball player, any taller than he already is. So you see that biological life is predetermined. But that is soon to change. A company called Calera mapped the human genome. So far they have cured two diseases.

Everything will soon become a choice.

Life is free will because it is virtually all about choices. If life were "prearranged" than life would be all about fate, and it is not. If life were set as soon as one was aware of his or her conscious mind that person would have and know Olivas 2 their destiny. The individual must succeed or fail through choices for life to go on, and that is what develops wisdom.

Life in general is solely based all on options (free will). Such as the choice to go to college, or what's to be learned in college. No one can tell somebody else what he or she is going to be. It's all a choice! I choose to be healthy or I choose not to be.

Without a doubt our lives are strictly based on our own choices. Biological reasons are the only way that life is predetermined and this is bound to change. In conclusion life is FREE WILL!