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Mandeep Sandhu


The Absence and Importance of Unity in Society

People in Society do not always respect each other for who they are, but rather according to certain prejudices that they hold. Constantly, we are reminded of the racism, and discrimination in the world. People are raped, injured, or even killed because the simple colour of their skin does not match that of the mainstream social order. Likewise, Society also sees discrimination, which is the treatment or consideration of a person, or even a group of people based on certain aspects such as personality or class, rather than individual merit. A landlord refusing to rent an apartment to a man because he is mentally retarded is discrimination. Likewise, the inferiority of homosexuals in society is also discrimination. Often, homosexuals are looked down upon in our Society, and are denied work, housing, and occasionally, their right to live. Even though homosexuals are just as capable as heterosexuals in any endeavor, the fact is ignored, and people refuse to see homosexuals properly in our Society.

When there is hatred and biases against people based on certain aspects about them, there is very little unity among citizens. Unity is required for a Society, because we need to work together to vanquish and overcome our obstacles.

Likewise, the unorganized stature of our Society extends toward a terrible thing we have all become familiar with: crime. Though not often is crime witnessed first hand, the media reminds us of the felonies that take place. Crime takes place everywhere in Society, and destroys it as well as the unity. For example, Petty thieves steal money and valuables from stores and houses. Crime has even taken over our workplaces. They are no longer clean, wholesome institutions offering only the exchange of services and goods. In...