Philosophy On Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment is a cruel and inhumane punishment, over 400 deaths due to capital punishment have occurred in the 1990's. Capital punishment is seen as a quick way to eradicate criminals; killing is morally wrong. Mankind usually shuts its eyes to forgiveness. Anybody in the right of mind would rather see someone get killed faster, then someone get killed inside and out in a life sentence. Capital punishment is wrong. Nobody, not even a judicial system, has the right to claim a life. For no matter which reason it does not give the right for anyone to take a life away from someone. Justice will only go so far, but the rest of the journey is up to the criminal. It all depends on which route the criminal decides to take. Hopefully he will find redemption in a matter of years in prison, but when you take the life from him in two or three split seconds his soul leaves his body with the guilt, unless he/she is mentally unstable, in which case a mental institution can be an option.

Nobody wants to waste money on a criminal, thefore "death" is the answer to the problem. However, it is a bigger challenge to make the ciminal find redemption than to kill him without ever giving him a chance to redeem himeself, which is in part the purpose of a prison or penitentiary. If man is sent to death row for defending himself and killing the man that attacked him, he will die without examining the cause, they will only see that he killed a man, but they will not see the reason. The governor can also decide wether a man is to be put on capital punishment or not for whatever reason he sees fit, this is often practiced, abolishing capital punishment would end his right to kill or not to kill a man in prison.

Capital punishment would claim more lives in 3rd world countries, where the judicial system is (sic) corrupted and anyone can be guilty of anything and simply put to death because he doesn't go along with the political party which is in power. A cruel situation was taking place during the Nicaraguan Revolution a photographer was executed for taking photographs and videotaping the murdering of hundreds of civilians, this in a way was an act of Capital punishment, was there a judicial system present? The idea that an innocent man was put to death mistakenly brings guilt to our eyes, abolishing capital punishment would give us better chances of apprehending the real criminal, in any case that there is one, and setting free the innocent man. A life sentence relieves the thought of worrying if the right man is in jail or not, with the death penalty we often question if the right man was put to death or did an innocent man was just "murdered" due to mistrial.

Capital punishment is a cruel and inhumane act of punishment, it is no different the killing a man for killing another man or more, two bads do not make one good. In every case, to be guilty or not to be guilty is the consequence of the lawyer, witnesses, judge and the jury. Abolishing capital punishment will end many problems in today's society, racist actions like Governor Bush did 2 months ago in the case of Graham would no longer exist and less men will be put to death and more will find redemption with themselves and with God.