Philosophy of Physical Education

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The Philosophy of Physical Education and Management

Avniel Bridge

Chicago State University

The Philosophy of Physical Education and Management

What is Physical Education and how can we educate others about it? I'm sure that my philosophy of physical education will always be evolving as I gain more incite and experience into the world of physical education. As of right now I believe physical education is knowledge of both the body and the mind. The purpose of physical education is to provide physical activity to students regardless of age, gender, race or culture so that they can be healthy, get in shape and know the importance of health. I'm going to address the issues that bad health can bring like obesity, overweight, cardiovascular disease and other problems as well. I believe that physical education should enable students to learn subject matter from the teacher as well as the teacher learning from his/her students.

I also believe that children need to be heard, this will encourage them to share their knowledge and participant openly with the class to gain more knowledge. My philosophy is based on the idea that learning should involve real-life situations or activities. Learning becomes more concrete to a student when they apply it to real-life situations, as where learning things that do not connect to them has more of an abstract sense. Children have a better understanding for subject matter when they can get emotionally, physically and academically involved in the learning process. Personally, I would have to agree with Dewey when he said, "I believe that education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living." (John Dewey) Physical education has different views of education that regular...