Photographing Dance as an Art

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In this article from The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance about photographing dance, it explains several reasons why taking pictures of a dancer in action can be of particular help to a dancer. Although this article is about dance in particular, it can be applied to all physical activities that would be performed in a physical education class. There are several reasons why it is helpful to photograph a performer in action. By photographing a performer in action, it helps to stimulate the performer and encourage them to try new things in their performance( ) . I feel that the most important aspect of taking photographs of a perfomer in action is for the reflection that can be done by viewing the photos after the performance. By viewing the photos, it can provide insight into the work done during the session which can lead to evaluating positives and negatives of the performance and what was done well and what needs to be improved in future performances( ).

I feel that this would be most effective when the evaluation of the dancer/athlete's performance is done with a coach or teacher who can give them constructive advice about their performance. Another good reason to use photography to view aspects of a performance is that it can help us to view the performance in ways that our eyes and brains cannot by capturing split seconds of the performance that we can see and review at later times.

Other artists are able to observe their instruments such as a musician and their musical instrument and painters and their paint, brushes and finished pieces of art work but for any artist whose work is physical, their instrument is their body which, unless photographed, they can't view. An important reason to taking photographs...