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Emma Munoz

Professor Pedroza

October 3, 2014

Psychology 100

Psychology is the study of mental activity and the behavior that are based on the processes of the brain. Psychology is everything, literally. Reading Chapter 1 of psychology really does not relate to me because I personally do not drive and text or use my phone at the same time. When I drive I cannot even put up the volume from how afraid I am. In a blink of an eye everything can change drastically. Driving one day, I saw a woman stop next to me at the stop light, she was putting on her lipstick and when the light turned green she began to look at her phone. The lady was driving and texting at the same time. She began swerving left to right and it got me really afraid. We cannot trust our intuition and think that we can text and drive at the same time.

People think they are great drivers even while they are texting. Yeah, they can get away with it once or twice, maybe even three times, but you never know what might happen. Everyone thinks that it is easy to drive and be doing something while driving not understanding that they are not only endangering themselves but others around them. The mental capacity is different to a lot of people. Many of us are unique in our own ways due to the mental capacity. Our behavior shows the mental capacity we have. Responding to the behavior and attitude a lot of people have towards driving while texting is because of their brain and how differently they think.

This Chapter two is very nerve wrecking and a bit interesting. Personally, I know nothing about Botox. Reading this chapter and finding out about Botox, known as...