"Physician-Assisted Suicide: A Choice, Not a Crime"

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In studies across the United States it is found the 67% of Americans die in pain. (shake head side-to side) Physician-Assisted Suicide is when a physician supplied information or the means of committing suicide to a person so that they can easily terminate their own life. Although many people believe that PAS runs directly counter to the established duty of the physician to preserve life, it should become legal across the United States because it is the individuals right to choose life or death, it can eliminate long-term harsh suffering, and it can also alleviate financial hardships for the patient and their family. (look at crowd, make sure to get a good response)

First of all if a person can chose to live, isn't it their choice to die? (look at crowd, as if asking a question un-rhetorically) Some people who decide they want to commit suicide are unable to.

They need help from their physician, someone they are supposed to trust. PAS allows them die under the conditions, and at the time that they wish. Morally this is a right that should be given to all people. PAS is currently legal, under harsh restrictions, only in the state of Oregon and in the Netherlands. In other cases, the sick and suffering patients are forced to continue living against their will, until their body finally collapses, or until a family member or friend commits a criminal act by helping them commit suicide. (look at crowd)

(begin paragraph emotionally, and very interested). Secondly, Physician-Assisted Suicide can eliminate suffering and pain. Many patients are unaware of their options, and remain in pain for years before finally their body gives out on them. What if they knew about PAS and could make the choice of staying in pain, and suffering until they die...