Pilobolus: Symbiosis Critique This is a critique of the dance group Pibolus. It compares and describes one of their dances called Symbiosis and gives a dance related opionion about the performance.

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The Pilobolus performance began on a medium sized stage with low lighting set and slow classical violin music, which gave me a intriguing feeling. There are two dancers in this performance, a male and female that are dressed in minimal clothing that exposes both of their backsides. The dance starts off with the male dancer sitting on the floor with his head positioned in between his knees and the female not more than a foot away, laying flat on the floor face up with her legs bent towards the ceiling in a lifeless fashion. The male dancer acts as if he is linked to the female dancer and draws her near to his hand to give her life. As the female dancer is revived she lies on face up slowly crawling into the males arms in which the form together in a ball like fashion. The focus then switches to the female, who climbs on the males' backside and is carried by the male who continues to roll his body in various circular shapes.

The relationship between the two dancers is an obvious symbolization of intimacy through their use of unison movement.

Next, the female slides off the males backside and reaches up as if she is stretching and falls backwards on the males backside and comes back up again to a squatting position with her legs wrapped around his neck facing forward. The beginning of the dance continues on with a variety of movements that involve weight shifting and flexibility on behalf of the female dancer which move her up and down the male dancers body eventually leading her to sitting up on top of his head.

As the dance continues, the unique movements separate and pull them together creating a symbolic relationship that almost looks like they are...