Planning Function of Management

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Planning Function of ManagementUniversity of PhoenixMGT 330: Theory, Practice, and ApplicationJune , 2008Planning Function of ManagementWhen running a business, it is imperative that a plan is in place. The same holds true for a household. Both a business and a home use multiple levels of planning: strategic, tactical, and operational planning. In the process of making these plans, considerations need to be made involving: legal issues, ethics, and social responsibility.

Levels of PlanningStrategic planning is long-term planning which is usually conducted by upper management, such as senior executives; in this case, my husband and I. The planning is usually a broad (general) strategic goal. Tactical planning is middle-term planning which is conducted by middle management, such as plant or department managers; I being in the role of the manager. The planning is usually more specific and tailored to the broad strategic goals. Operational planning "identifies the specific procedures and processes required at lower levels" (Bateman & Snell, 2007, p 123); the day to day activities of production, which in this case are the daily household duties, and I am the supervisor.

All processes are similar in which the planning is for accomplishing goals within a specified time period. The differences are in the details. Operational planning is the most detailed, and its purpose is to achieve the tactical planning goals. Tactical planning is more detailed than the strategic planning and its purpose is to achieve the strategic planning goals.

In the household, all three levels of planning are used daily, although operational planning is used most often. When using strategic planning, thinking is of the future; what will be accomplished in the long run. The tactical planning is more of the day to day operations; what will need to be done today. When using operational planning, the actual...