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Negotiating is the art of getting what you want from someone who has the power to give it to you (WORC, 1998). This paper will review a case regarding a sports contract negotiation scenario where "getting what you want" was made extremely difficult. A brief summary will be provided along with an evaluation of benefits, costs, and risks associated with the negotiation of Juwan Howard, professional basketball player, and two team's general managers. Negotiation is an important aspect of not only business relationships but in all aspects of life. John F. Kennedy stated in his Inaugural Address, "Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate.

John Wooden once said, "What you are as a person is far more then you'll ever be as a basketball player." Could this be said about Washington Bullets player Juwan Howard in July of 1996? In 1994, The Washington Bullets signed the 6-foot-9-inch University of Michigan junior Juwan Howard to play on their team.

As fifth draft pick, Howard expected a six-year salary amount of at least $24 million, which was the going rate at the time. This was not in the cards for Howard. Instead, the Washington Bullets offered him a seven year $37.5 million deal, which was well under the expected amount. Howard begrudgingly took the offer, with the expectations that in two seasons he could then become a free agent and be able to renegotiate a salary based on his performance at the time. With the time approaching to renegotiate his contract and become a free agent, Howard found himself being recruited by opposing teams as a highly sought after player. When the day came to renegotiate a contract with the Washington Bullets, the hardworking, high performing player was slapped in the face with a...