Police And Miniorities Fair Or Equal Treatment

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Widely accepted defintion by prof. at Nothern University on racial profiling states, "any police initiated action that relies on the race, ethicity or national origin of an individual rather than the behavior of an individual or infromation that leads the police to a particular individual who has been identified as being, or having been, engaged in criminal activity." While some define it as the "level as the "sole" basis of consideration." Many police officers say that no matter what the race or ethnicity of the person that the act of the individual is identified more so than race. Racial profiling has not just magically appeared it has been around for some time, it's just merely a "new name for an old phenomenon." It goes back into early American society, mostly in civil rights era. Racial profiling is said by (National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Execcutives) to be assocated with "Driving while Black/Brown" (DWB).

It not only deals with wehicle stops but also balcks, walking, standing, shopping, ect. Article from Institute on Poverty and race states, " adderssing racial profiling can reduce disparties in incarceration rates and reduce a source of tension between law enforcement and communities of color." In 1997, California Highway Patrol (CHP) consducted "Operation Pipeline" 33,000 motorist were detained and temporaily deprived of thier freedoms based on a bias tainted profile. The American Civil liberties Union (ACLU) and the National Accocation for the Advancement of colored people have filed a class-action suit against the CHP as a result of this program. What's lacking between minorities and officers is trust and lack of respect which causes all the anger and arugments. The more tension and the more hostility can make the fear rates go up. The more fear an officer has the more restrant and force the officers and trained to use. I believe that if they would drop this exageratted, overdone topic of racial profiling then thier would be a better chance of equal treatment to minorities. But, still their will be symptoms and other problems will arise and maybe then people will see that Racial profiling is not in any way the only problem. There is also Bias-based policing; which is, the "act (intentional or unintentional) of applying or incoroporatiny personal, societal or organizational bias and or stereotypes in decision-making, police actions or the administration of justice. Some like The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Excutives like to call it a "diease if you cure the diease, symptoms stop, cure the symptoms, the diease remians and recurring sypmtoms appear" One other form of Bias-based policy would be the use of excessive force.