Police Misconduct

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Joseph McRoberts Due 10/23/2014

Midterm Paper

One of the biggest issues when it comes to the New York Police Department is police misconduct. It seems as though negative circumstances surrounding an incident involving cops, likely leading to the city of New York being served with a civil law suit, is everywhere: on the news, in the newspapers, and on the internet. Recently, the police have been haunted with media reports of police brutality not only in New York but all across the country. The people of the city are starting to look and treat officers in a different manner because of all the different incidents. It is a serious issue that effects the reputation of all police officers. Within this paper, the definition of police misconduct and also many common examples of police misconduct will be explained. It will also discuss ways the NYPD can reduce the amount of incidents of police misconduct and prevent future incidents from happening.

Recent incidents of police misconduct will also be highlighted within the paper as the NYPD has been the target of many occurrences of incidents and lawsuits.

Before introducing the numerous examples of police misconduct, the term "police misconduct" and all this it entails must be defined. According to the Cato Institute, police misconduct is "any action, on duty or off, by a person entrusted with police powers which would violate that trust to an extent that would cause those who entrusted the officer with said powers to reasonably question whether continuing that trust would expose the public safety to an unacceptable level of risk". Much like any other occupation, the police officer has many rules and regulations that officers must follow to do his or her job correctly. Not only does police misconduct affect its respective office negatively, but a police...