Political: Student Rights Radical activists are taking over our schools

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Radical activists are taking over our schools

The anti-war, anti-government hippies that were so well know in the 60's and 70's have grown up. They no longer look like the typical bellbottom and peasant top wearing, long hair individuals that we have come to know only to be replaced by the suit and tie. These radical activists have moved on, in significant numbers to prominent positions in the faculties and administrations of the American universities. They impress their radical views on their students creating the political atmosphere in college classrooms from coast to coast manifesting Anti-American. Throughout academia, leftist professors with captive audiences of young adults seamlessly transmit their won political worldviews from one generation to the next. As Horowitz says, "Modern radicalism is the return of the repressed." (338)

Columbia University has recently appointed a professor who has been a very outspoken critic of the United States. Professor Rashid Khalidi depicts the United States as a "nation that can scarcely do anything right at either home or abroad."

He openly blames the horrors of 9-11 strictly on the United States. Columbia's aggressive pursuit and hiring of Khalidi is a vivid reflection of where its political sympathies lie. He joined a department that was already saturated with left wing, politically outspoken professors. Another professor in the same department by the name of Joseph Massad states that, "U.S. Imperialist aggression is responsible for Islamic violence." (qtd. In The unpatriotic U: Columbia)

Many speakers at a "teach-in" conference that was held at Columbia University sponsored by the Columbia anti-war coalition drew comparisons between the Bush administration and Nazi Germany. History professor, Barbara Fields accused Bush's cabinet members of being "tyrants who have ignored the consent of the governed." Political scientist Ira Katznelson accused Bush of "mistaking coercive power for consent" and flirting...