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Animal Farm Speech - Napoleon's Ethan.S

Good morning, fellow animals of Animal Farm. Please don't listen to the foul mouth known as Snowball. He is trying to trick you. There are no benefits to gain from this windmill, only a waste of time.

We cannot afford to waste time doing something this silly at a time like this, Mr. Jones could come back any time, this windmill would only make us vulnerable to his attacks. Do you really want to let an idea as stupid as this cause the collapse of Animal Farm? Of course not. Instead, we should be preparing defenses and ambushes for any future attacks from Mr. Jones and work on sustaining this state of luxury away from man and corruption. Working on the windmill would only bring us closer to man. It would bring us closer to the days of forced labor and injustice.

If we were to finish the windmill, the benefits it would bring us are not worth the time. The time we would have spent working all day, every day, every week, would only bring us closer to humanity as the laziness and time it would give us would only bring corruption. Corruption is synonymous with man; do you really want to betray Old Major's words? I would guess not. But it seems Snowball would dedicate his time to construct this windmill. He would dedicate his time to cause the downfall of our great society, void of corruption and man. He would dedicate his time to betraying Old Major's words; don't listen to Snowball.

In fact, we should be punishing Snowball for scheming something as evil as this. This is only similar to the injustice and corruption synonymous to man, and we all know man is only awaiting punishment, and...