Poor Customer service

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Poor customer service

In order to understand the problem of increased customer complaints we need to understand the personality of the people working in the customer service department. Are they the right type of people who can deal with complicated situations with the customers? To evaluate personality types we have chosen "The Big Five Model" to understand what type of people is suitable for sound customer service.

"The Big Five Model"

The big five personality traits are the five broad dimensions of personality traits that are found in human personalities. This theory is based on Five Factors which we will evaluate briefly below. These factors also contribute as how the personality of an individual contributes to his/her work. In customer service or any other service industry, having the right kind of people is very important.

Conscientiousness - (efficient/organized vs. easy-going/careless)

High score on this factor means a person is organized, reliable, hardworking and have a persistent behavior.

A low score on this dimension depicts a lazy, disorganized, and unreliable person. It has been found that people with high conscientiousness are motivated to complete their job. So in the customer service if a person is conscientious then he is likely to perform well.

Extraversion-introversion - (outgoing/energetic vs. solitary/reserved)

This factor tests the degree of a person of how social or reserved he is. Research indicates that if a person if social then he/she is likely to perform well in sales and management role, will do better in training programs and more likely will have high job satisfaction. An introvert person will not be suitable for customer service department because he will not ask questions and will not coordinate the problem well.

Agreeableness - (friendly/compassionate vs. analytical/detached)

This factor tests the ability of a person to work with other people...