What A Pope Would Tell His Warriors During the Crusades

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Dear fellow soldiers,

It is time to fight against the people who took our land in Jerusalem. If we do not do so, we will lose our land, language, and everything that has to do with the rest of our culture. Our heritage and our land is a very important part of history for our culture, because it is where Jesus had been born and crucified in. It is a shame to lose this historically well-known part of history from our culture. And also we will have to leave our country behind and live in other countries, which leads to another problem. When we live in other countries, our population will decrease because many of us will have to make a family with other cultures, and before you even know it, we have lost our culture. Many people will forget their languages. So please, fight for a cause, to save your homeland country, or else in not even 25 years there will be no Jerusalem, nor will there be the people that once lived there.