“The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility” Evaluate this claim.

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"The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility" Evaluate this claim.

"The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility" Evaluate this claim.

Knowledge is said to be one of mankind's most valued possessions. Without knowledge there would be little difference between the animals who inhabit this earth and us. More powerful than the strongest army, knowledge has been the keystone to the world's greatest revelations. However, with knowledge comes great responsibility. Seen throughout history, when knowledge is abused the effects are disastrous and often end in the loss of life. Due to the implications that come with it, the absorption of knowledge carries large ethical responsibilities.

It has often been said that all humans are created equal; however, with knowledge a human can reach a greater level of being. Throughout history, many societies have tried to select who is "worthy" of receiving this knowledge and who is not.

Unfortunately, this leads to a general public lacking in basic intelligence with a handful of enlightened individuals. This brings about the first ethical responsibility, the need to share said knowledge. To keep knowledge only to oneself is to sacrifice the gift, for knowledge should be shared universally. One example of this is the enlightenment period in Europe. Before, the general focus had been on religion and no real advances in learning had been made. However, with the aid of the printing press and other technological advances information began to spread faster than ever before. This information was not just spread to the rich nobility, but rather to the general public. Ideas were thrown around in conversation that had never been before, ideas that were more secular than ever before. Through the simple process of sharing knowledge, the world had come one step closer to an enlightened society. For a...