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At the present time, the Elias Group has customers in 35 states. Although the Elias Group is nationally based in Washington, D.C., we have customers in over 35 states. The Elias Group has helped those clients participate successfully in the Government market from proposal preparation through contract awarding. The Elias Group is proud to be a community leader in the local Washington, D.C. community.

Since its inception in 1997, The Elias Group has worked with small disadvantaged businesses helping them to take advantage of GSA opportunities throughout the country. The Elias Group has been committed to working with women, veterans, service-disabled veterans, and minority business owners, among others. A recruitment campaign to increase and retain the number of minority and disabled employees within The Elias Group itself is being planned and implemented. This paper will explain The Elias Group's strategies in this campaign and will include the objectives for the PR campaign, identification of The Elias Group's publics, the risks in the strategy, a media release, the business implications of the strategy and a tactical plan.

PR Campaign ObjectivesThe objectives of the PR campaign for increasing diversity include the following:1.To determine the current percentage of minority employees and employee's attitudes towards the development of a multicultural workforce.

2.To increase the human resources (HR) hiring of minority employees by 25% in the next year and continuing thereafter.

3.To develop diversity training and education that includes the acquisition of cultural awareness for HR professionals and other employees over the next 3 months.

4.To create an organizational environment that promotes hiring and advancement of multicultural employees with The Elias Group in the next year.

5.To demonstrate The Elias' Groups commitment to multicultural employees by providing them with comparable pay and due consideration for advancement in the next...