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Audience: All those who asked themselves the same question in which this paper is about.

This is one of the most challenging topics I have ever written about. I must correlate two very unique lost lives and decide who the public should mourn more; Princess Diana or Mother Teresa. In order to do this I must first recognize my own thoughts involving this issue. Who am I, or anyone for that matter, to say one life will be missed more then another. I have neither met or ever been able to relate to either Diana or Mother Teresa. Both were simple yet complex individuals. They both were able to bask in the glory of their legendary status of this generation. I will not take the political view and say that each individual will be equally mourned. I think it is safe to say that Diana was more popular in the watchful eye of the media.

Unfortunately this is how the general public is able to justify their overwhelming support for Diana, rather then Mother Teresa.

Princess Diana was at the peak of her controversial, compassionate, and challenging life. A radical in the Royal family, Diana was able to come to terms with the fact that she is no different then you and I. This may seem like a feeble task, but to a princess, it is a task accomplished by few. Diana broke all traditions embellished into the minds of the modern day royals. She showed her two young sons love and compassion in public, never before done by a member of the royal family. Diana touched the publics heart by indulging in every day activities, in order to recognize with the public. In doing this, the public was able to relate to her. Society began to realize that...