Princess Diana

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Matt Cusanelli 10/11/13

Mrs. Smith AP Language and Composition

The first text provided on the subject of Princess Diana's death is a news report from the British Broadcasting Company written on the morning of her death. The purpose of this text is to inform the general public of the news of the death and to give as many details as possible about where it occurred and how her family members are dealing with the situation. The speaker is a reporter from the BBC and evidently did not know the princess personally. The fact that the audience is the news reading public, the article is emotionally detached. However, it achieves its purpose by describing the sequence of events surrounding the death in order to let the public know what has occurred.

In addition, the second text is a televised speech given by Queen Elizabeth several days after the death. The purpose of this text is to have the Queen come out and recognize what has happened and to express the family's feelings regarding the tragedy.

The audience is the general public and/or anyone interested in news events or specifically Princess Diana. Since Diana had been a part of the Queen's family, this text should have contain a much more emotional viewpoint. It seems that she was forced to deliver the speech and was not very fond of her because she divorced her son Prince Charles. The heartbroken and devastated attitude is unseen, she barely addresses Princess Diana in the speech. The one time she does address her is when she calls her Diana and did not acknowledge her title. Factual information was not provided in this speech, it mainly appeals to ethos because Queen Elizabeth is the speaker. The text does not achieve its purpose. One can tell she must have...