Principles and Functions of Management.

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A vast number of employees every year leave their jobs because of the following reasons: poor coaching and feedback, work-life imbalance, poor carrier opportunities prospects, lack of confidence in senior management, etc. However, for some reason, managers fail to acknowledge these factors; instead they prefer to concentrate on wage as a prime motivator. In reality a variety of factors come into play and contingency, chaos, systems, and other management theories have to be adjusted in every specific situation considering external factors. So, why do managers act differently and behavioral presuppositions of many writers fail? Many methods of employee motivation have been developed, but only a few sources concentrate on motivation guideline for management and the Enron story is last but not the least proof of that. Going even further then this, a new era of high uncertainty was announced by Business Week (2001), managers have to cope with instantly growing amount of new both negative and positive external factors, adjust to environment, decision models change.

Partially the problem of difference between behavioral expectations of management and reality might be attributed to a natural evolutionary process of management as a science, historic process that started around the turn of the century, qualified as classical/scientific management approach, and the theories of future one can hardly think of nowadays. Finally, perception of every human being of a current situation is different and managers are far from being an exception.

On a day to day basis motivation factors that guide management can be very diverse, for example Mescon (1973) found that "the motivation of managers to work depended very much on two factors - the type of job that was being performed and the age of the jobholder." In such way, there is no single way to view behavioral science when it comes to...