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Business LawMay 11, 2008Process Civil Court and Criminal CourtSteps need to be taken by the plaintiffs when a lawsuit is filed. In a civil court procedure papers must be file correctly by lawyers. Process can take time and can be stressful. The initial steps include, initial paper or document must be file, fact-finding and discovery, court motion, alternative dispute resolution, trial and verdict, judgment and appeal.

Initial court paper must be file by the plaintiff in a form of complaint or petition. Then documents will provide an outline of the case against the defendant. The complaint document must include the name of the defendant or parties involved. The complaint should also include a demand judgment or a relief against the defendant. The plaintiff should seek out from the judge on how the payment should be pay if the plaintiff should win the case. After the initial document file the court issue a summon and where it will be litigated.

The defendant will be given sometime to answer the question or a request to dismiss the case if the complaint by the plaintiff is false. But if the defendant fail to show up for a certain day and time then it become default and the defendant lose. Another step or procedure to civil court is discovery. Discovery is presented so there would be no surprises. All relevant facts and document must be summated to the defendant before it goes to trial. There are three layers to discovery, written discovery, document production and deposition. Written discovery are question and answer that is being ask, it could be now in the present or it could be question about the past that happen years ago. Document production anything that is related to the case such as medical records, defect case and or computer file.