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Do you remember the days when your time was spent hanging out with friends, having sleepovers, flipping through magazines, and listening to music? Does the hustle and bustle of life keep you from spending quality time with friends and family? You could have that wonderful part back in your life again with a creative party! So, throw a monthly dinner party in order to secure some quality time with loved ones to reconnect. Simply decide on a theme, and with music, food, and activities, you can bring that theme to life. You can create an evening of nostalgia with costumes, music, movies, or games that pertain to any particular era.

One of the biggest elements to a fun party is food. Food always seems to bring folks out of the woodwork. So, make sure to pick your theme first so that you can prepare your meal accordingly. For instance, choose your favorite country as your party theme.

A fun country theme is Italy.

To create the feeling of being there, prepare an Italian feast. The perfect dish would then be lasagna or spaghetti, and maybe for desert some tiramisu. Pair that with some lovely music such as, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, or Dean Martin to set the mood. You can find any type of music you may need at Borders Books or any music super-store. Next, you could offer your guests some red wine to help induce uninhibited conversation. Do not overdo the wine though, because you will want your guests to arrive home safely. For entertainment, play a trivia game or just watch a fun movie set in Italy (or anything that has Italian characters in it).

If you do not have the first clue about how to throw a party, or you are not sure what to...