Production Teams: "Airline Cockpit Crew", "Semiconductor Manufacturing Team"

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Production teams' duty is to take the raw materials and with the help of technology, tools and member's labor generate products from them. The readings ("Airline Cockpit Crew", "Semiconductor Manufacturing Team") introduced production teams formed by employees.

In the first reading - "Airline Cockpit Crew"- what we see is a real team which performed interdependent tasks within an organization context. Although members of the team have never worked together before they had to function quickly and group development stages formed very different from the traditional way. This is achieved with standardization. In my opinion this is actually a good and necessary thing for teams that work in such an environment that members change all the time.

A group's initial conversation usually shows much about its character. In the Cockpit crew, captain was relaxed and comfortable however in the Datron team the ambient is tense which in my opinion would bring negative consequences.

In the "Airline Cockpit Crew" we realize how important the role of the captain is. Although the shell included everything from the objective of the company for the performance of the crew to reestablished roles, to standard procedures for operating the technology there is still important duties that the caption should do to complete the shell. I think that one of the most important behaviors that the captain displayed (and a difference between the captain and the team advisor in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Team) was explicitly discussing tasks that require coordination between the cockpit and the cabin. According to me if the team advisor had followed the same way their manufacturing team Datron would have been more successful.

The Datron team was different from Cockpit crew because of the facts that the some team members had no experience in working with teams however in Cockpit crew all the...