A Professional Literature Review of Incorporating Music Into The Economics Classroom: A Comparison of Two Teaching Methods” By: Jane Aw Yang Huey, Mara University Malaysia

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"Incorporating Music Into The Economics Classroom: A Comparison of Two Teaching Methods"

Teaching can be done in many different ways, but this article particularly sought out the practice of learning by music. In a Principles of Economics class, some office management students were taught by the use of music lyrics. A study was done, one class taught with the inclusion of music lyrics and the other taught by the typical "chalk and board" practice. After the lessons were taught, each class was given a quiz and the class taught with music lyrics produced better results. When the music was incorporated into the classroom, it helped the students understand the economic concepts better. According to Foster J, catchy tunes and phrases help children easily remember facts. Also, Jennifer Wagaman stated that music can create a smoother and quicker transition between activities. She thinks that teachers should especially consider songs that will reinforce and emphasize skills that they are introducing or reviewing.

Music affects our feelings and energy levels. In a classroom setting, high energy levels are known for better success within students.

This article described the strategy of using music to help students learn. When I first read the topic of the article, it interested me because it included music while teaching an economics course. I automatically thought of elementary students learning in class, not high school or higher education students. I think it's a great way to help students learn and remember things. Music relates to most students and when a teacher can take a subject that may not be very interesting and engage the students in learning about it by using music, I think it's remarkable. The subject no longer becomes boring, it's now fun, something new, something worth learning. As I thought about what happened with the economics...